Case Studies

New opportunities for cosmopolitans with second citizenship or residence permit

Residence permit in Portugal for the purchase of real estate for renovation

A residence permit in Portugal for the purchase and renovation of an old villa

Citizenship of Malta by investment with confirmation of the legality of the business

How to obtain Maltese citizenship and confirm the legality of a large business

Extension of Maltese residence permit

Extending a Maltese residence permit a year after getting it

St Lucia citizenship by investment

St Lucia citizenship in 4 months for a large family

Portuguese residence permit for the whole family

Portuguese residence permit during a pandemic

Permanent residence in Malta by investment for a couple

How a couple can obtain Maltese permanent residence if the marriage is not officially registered

A residence permit in Portugal with savings of 20% for the purchase of commercial real estate

St Lucia citizenship for a former civil servant

Dominican citizenship for the whole family

Travel visa-free with a Dominican passport: second citizenship for the whole family

Citizenship Saint Kitts and Nevis by investment under an accelerated procedure: the story of an investor from Moscow

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment under an accelerated procedure in 2 months

Permanent residence in Malta by investment: how to get the consent to participate for minor children from different marriages

How to Get Permanent Residence in Malta for the Whole Family If Children Are from Different Marriages

Vanuatu citizenship for travel to the USA

Visa to the USA with a Vanuatu Passport for the Russian Investor’s Family

How to renew permanent residence in Malta: procedure specifics for investors

China visa-free with a Grenada passport for an Israeli entrepreneur

Vanuatu passports for bloggers: visa-free travel, business and career from anywhere in the world

How to travel around Europe on a yacht without visas

How to get a tourist visa to the USA for 10 years with the Antigua and Barbuda passport

How to Add Parents to Portuguese Residence Permit Program

Residence Permit in Portugal by Purchase of Investment Fund Shares and Remote Opening of a Bank Account

Second Citizenship during Pandemic: Remote Preparation of Documents

Portuguese residence permit by a bank deposit: an investment in children and grandchildren’s future in the EU

Permanent Residence in Malta for Entrepreneurs: Proven Ownership of Assets of €500,000 Required

Problem in Biography Isn’t Always Equal to Refusal: How Affidavit Helped Investor Obtain Caribbean Passport

5 Years Later: How the Investor’s Life Has Changed after Receiving Permanent Residence in EU

Grenada Citizenship for Study at a Foreign University and Future Work in the USA

Permanent Residence in Malta for Cosmopolitans who Already had Residency in Three Countries

How to Become a Tax Resident of Dominica in Two Weeks

How to Become a Tax Resident of Dominica in Two Weeks

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment in Government Bonds with a 50% Discount

Problem in Biography: How an Affidavit Helped Our Client Obtain a Second Citizenship

Problem in Biography: How an Affidavit Helped Our Client Obtain a Second Citizenship

Grenada Passport: How to Open a Branch of a Company in the United States and Travel Abroad during the Pandemic

Grenada Passport: How to Open a Branch of a Company in the United States and Travel Abroad during the Pandemic

Vanuatu Citizenship: How Political Refugees Get Freedom to Travel around the World and Start Their Own Business

Vanuatu Citizenship: How Political Refugees Get Freedom to Travel around the World and Start Their Own Business

Life is Just Beginning at 60: How to Travel to Antigua and Barbuda Visa-Free Countries

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship for business in the UK and visa-free travel around Europe

Vanuatu passport for EU citizens Vanuatu citizenship

Vanuatu citizenship for an Italian earl’s family

Portuguese residence permit by investment in real estate: moving to Europe with a large family

Grenada citizenship for a business visa to the USA

Grenada citizenship for a businessman's family: investing in real estate and moving to the USA

Vanuatu citizenship to travel around the world

Vanuatu passport or Grenadian passport: speed as the decisive factor

Vanuatu passport for visa-free travel to the UK and the Schengen area

Vanuatu passport to visit Europe and the UK

Citizenship of Cyprus as a solution of family issues

Malta permanent residence for a young family from Kazakhstan

Malta permanent residence permit for business, work and study in Europe

Permanent residence in Malta: for a family in love with Italy

Malta permanent residence for the family which adores Italy

Citizenship of Saint Lucia for the head of the company

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship for traveling around the world

How to get Portugal citizenship in five years through a residence permit by investment

Portugal citizenship in 5 years and with minimum investments

Maltese citizenship for holders of residence permits or permanent residence in Europe

Cyprus Citizenship: Moving to Europe and Business Expansion

St Lucia passport for visa-free travel to Britain

Cyprus citizenship for living in the UK and travelling to Europe

Investor, an online sales entrepreneur

Citizenship of Saint Lucia for an investor with two passports

Malta citizenship for a successful and ambitious business woman

Grenadian citizenship for an Italian citizen

Freedom of Movement: Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis for a Public Person

case citizenship Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda: for Successful IT Entrepreneurs

Permanent Residence on Malta: Solution for a Large Family

Austrian residence permit for financially independent persons (without the right to work)

citizenship of Grenada changes in the application

Citizenship of Grenada: Change of family composition and of one of the participants’ names

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for plans in the UK: studies, work, travel

Permanent Residence on Malta for an Elderly Couple with a Penchant for Travelling

Austrian Residence Permit by Establishing a Business: He Who Doesn’t Risk …

Citizenship of Malta for Entrepreneurial Freedom

No visas needed: citizenship of Cyprus for unrestricted travel

Entry into the US with the Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visa-Free Schengen and the UK Thanks to Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Maltese Permanent Residence for Goal-Oriented Spouses

Why do you need a Dominica passport?

Dominica Citizenship: Doorway to Reliable European Banks

Passport of Saint Lucia: How to Collect Documents Properly

Case – Permanent Residency in Malta: Common-Law Marriage

Residence Permit in Hungary: Living in Europe upon Doctor’s Recommendations

Malta permanent residence: when your status becomes the solution

Permanent Residence in Hungary for Dependent Family Members: an Advanced Case Study

Residence Permit in Austria: How to Receive the Status in 10 days?

Residence in Portugal: the Path to Personal Security and a Better Education for Children

Residence Permit in Austria: How to Relocate to Europe in Just 3 weeks

dominica citizenship as a solution

Dominica Passport: Zero Taxes and Access to the Schengen area and the UK

Citizenship of Malta: Possible Pitfalls

Citizenship of Dominica: How to Obtain Tax Residency in a Record Time

Citizenship of Cyprus: Purchase of a Luxury Villa Solved the Problems of Our Client

Residence Permit in Portugal: from Cold Novosibirsk to Warm Cascais

Citizenship of Dominica: Solving Problems with Tax Residence

Citizenship of Malta: a Complete Solution for Your Family Problems

Citizenship of Cyprus: How Our Clients Obtained Their Second Citizenship

Residence in Austria: a Quick Path to High-quality Living Standards and Stability

Citizenship of Cyprus: Peaceful Lifestyle and Economic Freedom

Citizenship of Malta: Visa-free Entry to the Schengen area, the UK and the US

Permanent Residence in Hungary: an Optimal Solution for Civil Servants

Residence Permits and Permanent Residence in Hungary: How to Secure Peaceful Retirement in 6 Weeks

Residence in Hungary: In Some Cases, It’s a Perfect Solution for All of Your Problems

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