Malta citizenship for a successful and ambitious business woman

The lack of access to European markets, the inability to establish close business ties with partners abroad and high taxation are common problems for Russian businessmen.


However, it can be solved by obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship in one of the EU countries.

We would like to tell about one more case from our practice

Our Client

Oksana, 55 years old, business woman.
Successfully manages finances in one of her companies and skillfully develops several other business areas that are consonant with and accompanying her core activity.

Goals and objectives

Oksana turned out to be a very ambitious person who knows how to set precise goals and achieve them with the help of systematic work. She wanted to move around the world without restrictions in order to expand her business in several directions at once. Oksana also planned to establish active partnerships with various companies in her business areas located in different countries. In addition, she wanted to set up a company that would represent the business and the name of Oksana in Europe.

Among the requirements she had was the registration of a company in a country where taxation can be absolutely officially optimized and also where it is more convenient to cary out mutual settlements with partners in Italy. It was this country that she wanted to establish the closest possible business ties with. Moreover, Oksana had business interests in France, where she successfully leased commercial real estate, which brought a fairly decent income.

Searching for solutions

When Oksana turned to us for a help in solving her problems, we offered her several options.

  • Portugal residence permit. Opportunity to receive status for real estate investments for a minimum amount of 500 thousand euros. At the same time, the program provides for the possibility of reducing investments to 280 thousand euro when purchasing an object for reconstruction in sparsely populated areas of the country. Oksana liked that the scheme for obtaining a residence permit is quite simple, and the EU passport in Portugal can be obtained already in 6 years. However, the condition of the program to learn Portuguese to apply for permanent residence, and then citizenship was not the most convenient option for Oksana
  • Permanent residence permit of Malta. For getting Permanent residence permit it is enough to invest 250 thousand euro in government securities. Oksana appreciated that after 5 years, she will be able to return the investment by selling securities. However, the status would not open for her full rights and opportunities that she could receive having a European passport. In particular, visa-free Schengen will be open for her, and she will still need to apply for a visa to the UK and the USA, which is not easy to do now


The third option was the state program for registration of Malta citizenship. And that was what the business woman chose. This program attracted her by the fact that the Maltese passport is highly valued in the global community and opens up the freedom of visa-free travel around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Companies registered in Malta have a lot of tax advantages, and Maltese law provides many options for minimising taxes. Now Malta is one of the capitals of the global business community. The headquarters and representative offices of many large companies are located here.

We drew Oksana’s attention to the fact that Italy, the most attractive country for her business, is very close to Malta.
The largest suppliers for her companies are also located here. All these circumstances were decisive factors for Oksana's choice, and we signed an agreement on business cooperation.

Applying for Malta Passport

A couple of months required to prepare and agree the documents that Oksana needed to provide in order to confirm her financial viability and to be able to participate in the program. However, an unpleasant "surprise" awaited at the preparatory stage.

When we received a certificate of criminal record, it turned out that it contains a record of a criminal case initiated and terminated 10 years ago, where Oksana appeared as the company owner. Having studied the case history and facts, we sent the corresponding request to the archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pretty soon we received an official confirmation that this case is not in the archive anymore.

Our lawyers prepared an answer in which they proved the legal "purity" of our client to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. This was enough to convince the Maltese law enforcement authorities that the entry in the certificate does not in any way affect Oksana’s reputation. Already 6 months later, the Government of Malta made a positive decision to approve Oksana’s candidacy for obtaining a passport.

Passing the remaining procedures was not difficult, and soon the coveted document was in the hands of its happy owner.

The Results of the Cooperation

  • Now Oksana without problems and delay travels around Europe
  • She develops her business in the European Union
  • Participates in business exhibitions as a full European partner
  • Thanks to the new status, Oksana managed to conclude several lucrative deals
  • She has expanded the business connections of her companies
  • Brought her business to a new financial and reputation level

We are always ready for unexpected “surprises” when applying for statuses for our clients, due to our extensive experience in working with legislation at the highest possible level.Our lawyers can always objectively assess the situation and offer the best possible solution as happened, for example, in the case of Oksana.

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