Citizenship & Residence by Investment

Immigrant Invest’s lawyers will analyze your situation and goals and recommend a solution based on 15 years of experience, which is tailored to your needs. We will inform you not only about the advantages but also the disadvantages of the program selected by you.

In our office or online

1 hour

We will analyze your case based on our experience and knowledge in this field

From anywhere in the world

The whole family can participate

6 offices in the center of capital cities

With a free parking space


With many years of practice in the industry

Main points to concentrate on when choosing a program



Each program has its own pitfalls: obligation to live in the country, different tax rates for residents and non-residents, annual renewal of a residence permit, etc. We will discuss all these points so that you are aware of all the relevant issues regarding your option in order to enable you to make an informed decision to choose the program that best suits you.


Agent’s duty to ensure the consultation offered is of a high quality

Approval of the client’s application depends 99% on the information provided by the program’s agent and their competence. Individual consultation is based not only on our knowledge of the laws in force in different jurisdictions but also on our experience, which is much more valuable than simply a theoretical understanding of the process.


Possibility of application being rejected

Before recommending a specific program or signing an agreement, we first conduct a confidential Due Diligence check on each investor and each family member included in the application. The whole process takes no more than 24 hours. The Due Diligence check carried out by Immigrant Invest’s AML officers is similar to the one conducted by the program departments. We pick up any potentially sensitive issues and, together with our client, address them before submitting the application. In this way, we reduce the risk of the application being rejected to a negligible 1%.


Rights and obligations related to a second passport or residence permit

After obtaining a second passport or residence permit in another country, the holder gains certain new rights and also obligations: reduced tax payments, double tax payments, notifying the authorities in your country of origin about your new passport or residence permit, potential obligation to be conscripted in the army of either country, etc. Wel also give you detailed advice on how to travel internationally with two passports.

Елена Рудая — Адвокат, директор по развитию Иммигрант Инвест
Elena Ruda

Advocate, Development Director Immigrant Invest

Elena Ruda

Advocate, Development Director Immigrant Invest

We help our clients forget about visa restrictions and create an alternative place of residence without them having to be permanently resident there.

Our clients and their families are wealthy people: businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, top managers, and celebrities. Our services are also used by other consulting and legal firms, representing the interests of their clients.

Reputable news outlets, newspapers and magazines regularly invite us to hear our views and discuss the changes that are constantly taking place in the field of citizenship by investment.

What happens during our meeting with you


We analyze your case

Our specialists at Immigrant Invest will be at your disposal for at least an hour. We will focus on questions and goals that apply to your situation rather than on general information about the program. We will also discuss details and practical examples that we will not disclose until our meeting. If necessary, some of our colleagues will additionally join the meeting: for example, a fund or real estate specialist, or directors at our foreign offices.


We will reveal the real terms and timeline of the process

We will discuss the process and specify the timeframe within which we expect to obtain your second passport or residence permit based on our experience, and not just the letter of the law. We will warn you about the possible risks, delays and complications that may arise during the application.


We will inform you of the package of documents required

We will discuss the procedure and mechanism for confirming the legality of the source of your funds and give you practical advice. We will clarify which documents are needed to confirm the dependence of children and parents on the main applicant. We will show you how to obtain or certify the required documents.

Иммигрант Инвест — Индивидуальная встреча
Иммигрант Инвест — Индивидуальная встреча

We will calculate the cost of the program selected

We will calculate all the costs for you and your family, including the cost of services to be provided by Immigrant Invest. We will explain and discuss the terms of the agreement, and introduce the signatory to the agreement, Immigrant Invest’s CEO. We will be able to discuss and consolidate the entire package of documents without having to forward them to you.


We will select the best properties from our real estate base

If the program that you are interested in involves purchasing real estate, we will present the best properties from our real estate base. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option and narrow them down to the one most suitable for you.


Our discussion will be confidential

You will be free to ask our lawyers and other competent specialists any questions that you have, including those that you may not be comfortable discussing by phone or online: for example, the consent of your ex-spouse to include a child in the application or how to confirm the availability of the money required to participate in the program. All our meetings arer confidential and take place in separate meeting rooms.

In our office or online

Due Diligence is a key stage of every citizenship or residence permit by investment program

We conduct a detailed Due Diligence check on our clients before submitting their application to the relevant government department. This reduces the risk of rejection to 1%.

Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has its own Compliance division, through which it carries out its own preliminary Due Diligence.

Our activity as an agent of citizenship by investment programs fully complies with the requirements of the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive issued by the European Union.

Submitting an application to the citizenship program department and then failing to pass their Due Diligence check is tantamount to a "black mark" in any future applications by the client.

In this case, not only will the current application be rejected but any future applications, including those in other jurisdictions, will almost certainly also be rejected.

Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has its own Compliance division, through which it carries out its own preliminary Due Diligence.

Our activity as an agent of citizenship by investment programs fully complies with the requirements of the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive issued by the European Union.

Victoria Atanasova

Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Director of our Maltese office

Pavel Reshetnikov

Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Managing Director

Владлена Баранова — эксперт Иммигрант Инвест
Vladlena Baranova

Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer

Why we are trusted by the authorities and our clients

We have been checked and accredited by the governments in the European Union and the Caribbean. Our licenses are confirmation of their trust and confidence in us.

Feedback from our clients on our personal consultation

Who conducts the meeting

You will be individually advised by practicing lawyers with extensive experience in the field of international law, a certified AML-officer, a CFA specialist and experts on citizenship by investment programs in the European Union and the Caribbean

Elena Rudaya - Chief Development Officer of Immigrant Invest, Honorary Consul of Vanuatu
Elena Ruda

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

Evgeniya Morozova

Head of the Legal Department, lawyer, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Judicial Counsellor of the 3rd Class

Zlata Erlach, Expert of the Caribbean Investment program
Zlata Erlach

Head of the Austrian office

Yulia Veremyova

Partner Network Chief Development Officer, member of Investment Migration Council (IMC)

Victor Esik, the head of the Portuguese office of Immigrant Invest
Victor Esik

Head of the Portuguese office

Natalia Oganesyan

Real Estate Chief Operations Officer, RICS certified professional

Victoria Atanasova

Head of the Maltese office, lawyer in international and economic law

Svetlana Gorchakova

Head of the Sales Department


Schedule an appointment

Let's discuss the details

Individual consultation with an experienced lawyer specializing in citizenship by investment.

Zlata Erlach

Expert on citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean

Do you prefer messaging apps?

Zlata Erlach

Expert on citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean

Answers to frequently asked questions

We will hold the meeting in a place and in a way convenient for you: online, at one of our offices, or at another place selected by you.

You will be individually advised by practicing lawyers with extensive experience in the field of international law, a certified AML-officer, a CFA specialist, experts on citizenship by investment programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

Any program that is convenient for you: phone, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Zoom and Google Meet.

As long as it takes to answer all your questions. As a rule, an hour is enough, but it can also continue for a longer time.

Certainly. We will be happy to meet and advise everyone on any questions that arise.

Schedule a meeting

Let's discuss the details

Schedule a meeting at one of our offices or online. Our lawyers will analyze your situation confidentially, calculate the cost of your application and help you find a solution based on your goals, in person at a place convenient for you or online, at a time that suits you.

I was trying to decide whether to apply for Cypriot or Maltese citizenship. I really liked the fact that during our meeting Elena Rudaya focused not only on the advantages but also on the disadvantages of the options being considered. In particular, Elena pointed out that the real estate market in Cyprus was unstable and overvalued. Elena also noted that a Malta passport offers visa-free travel to the United States, whereas a Cyprus passport does not. As a result, I chose the Maltese citizenship by investment program and have not regretted it.

Rudolph, Minsk

Maltese citizenship

I met Svetlana Gorchakova in my home city of St Petersburg and was pleasantly surprised by the attention and care she took to make sure that she understood my position and goals. In fact, in order to personally answer my questions and discuss the options available to me, Svetlana traveled from Moscow to St Petersburg for our meeting. It was extremely important for me to meet your company’s representative face-to-face and find out how comfortable and easy it was to communicate with them. I was impressed not only by Svetlana’s competence but also by how bright, pleasant and trustworth she is. This also created a positive impression about your company, Immigrant Invest, and I am happy to have selected you as my agent.

Maxim, St Petersburg

Portuguese residence permit

As I live in Kazakhstan, a meeting on Skype was more convenient for me. Furthermore, my son joined our meeting from Germany and my wife joined us from Istanbul. We wanted to jointly discuss these important issues together with a lawyer and then collectively make a joint family decision. I was pleasantly surprised that before the meeting, Immigrant Invest’s manager sent me an agenda regarding the points to be discussed, and during our meeting she supported the agenda with visual presentations. Furthermore, after our meeting she also sent us a plan of action and a list of the documents that would be required. Another colleague of yours, Victor, also joined our meeting from Portugal. We were reassured to find that we are dealing with a truly international company :-)))) Now, at least I understand who I am dealing with and what I am paying for.

Alim, Nur-Sultan

Portuguese residence permit

I would like to thank you for your help, as well as your professional and individual approach!!!! My family and I are very happy and relieved that we were able to meet you and your colleagues and start collaborating on our application! We look forward to continuing working with you, successfully completing our application and achieving our goals. Thanks!

Andrey, Kazan

Grenada citizenship

I especially liked the systematic and reliable manner in which you handled the tasks related to collecting, preparing and submitting the relevant documents; your prompt feedback; and the comprehensive answers you gave to the numerous questions that arose at that stage. I also appreciate very much the fact that you continued following our case and supporting us, and did not leave us to fend for ourselves immediately after we received our passports and IDs. Thank you so much also for your help in finding a suitable property that we could rent. All these aspects are very important for us.

Флаг Антигуа и Барбуды
Petr, Omsk

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

I dialed you at the indicated phone number with the words: “I want to obtain citizenship of Malta. Can you advise? I can be with you in 30 minutes. They took me in at a convenient time for me. Answered all my questions! And this, I must say, is not very easy. As I later told everyone: “In my twenty years of experience with various legal / consulting / analogue companies - they were the first to answer all my questions!”. Even if there was no answer to my question right away (and my questions are not very standard), they gave me an answer within 24 hours. The budget and terms for the entire event were also immediately calculated. And they came true)) That is, it is not necessary, as with builders - look at the estimate and terms, multiply by two and you will get approximately what you need to count on.

Inna, Kazakhstan

Residence permit in Greece