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The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program was launched in 2015. The terms for obtaining a second passport are regulated by the «Law on Citizenship by Investment» and its by-laws.

Saint Lucia citizenship can be obtained for a minimum investment of $100,000. Applicants are offered four options: contribution to the state fund, buying real estate, purchasing bonds or investing in a business.

Investments in bonds and real estate can be returned within 5–7 years after being granted citizenship.

Investors receive citizenship through a simplified procedure. They do not need to obtain a residence permit card, live in the country or take a language proficiency exam.

Together with the main applicant, citizenship is also offered to their spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, if included in the application.

A limited-time offer

50% discount on purchase of government bonds

A special offer from the Government of Saint Lucia is valid only until December 31st, 2022. Invest $250,000 instead of $500,000 in government bonds and get Caribbean passports for the whole family.

The investment is refundable, the bonds can be redeemed in 5 or 7 years.

What does Saint Lucia citizenship offer?

Visa-free travel to Europe and Asia

Saint Lucia passport holders can visit 145 countries, including the UK, the Schengen countries, Singapore and Hong Kong, visa-free.

10-year U.S. tourist visa

Saint Lucia citizens can apply for a 10-year U.S. B-1/B-2. It allows them to spend up to 6 months in a year in the United States. Saint Lucia passport holders can visit the United States for tourism, hold business meetings, attend and participate in conferences and be treated at medical clinics in the U.S.

International company registration

Investors can register companies in Saint Lucia, making it easier to open accounts for business abroad and carry out settlements with international partners in foreign currencies. The beneficial owner’s personal information is not entered in the company’s commercial register, in order to protect their identity and privacy.

Tax optimization

Saint Lucia has no tax on global income, inheritance, capital gains or income. Social security contributions for employees are 5% of their wages.

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Immigrant Invest -
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Who can obtain Saint Lucia citizenship

Investor with documented legal income

18 years of age or older
no criminal record

Children under 30

financially dependent on the investor

Parents of the investor and their spouse

over 55
financially dependent on the investor

Brothers and sisters of the investor and their spouse

under 18 years of age
with the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in the program

Costs for an investor

Investors are offered four investment options: contribution to a government fund, purchasing government bonds, buying real estate or investment in business.

1 Option

Non-refundable contribution


A non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund of Saint Lucia.

Investor Married couple Family of 4 Family of 6
Contribution to the fund $100,000 $140,000 $150,000


+$15,000 for each family member, starting from the fifth

Due Diligence $7,500 $12,500

$7,500 for investor

and $5,000 for each family member aged 16 years or older

$7,500 for investor

and $5,000 for each family member aged 16 years or older

Other fees and charges $3,050 $4,550 $6,550+ $8,550+
2 Option

Buying bonds


Until December 31, 2022 years, investors can buy Covid-19 Relief Bonds for $250,000. This is a limited offer with a 50% discount. The standard option assumes the purchase of government bonds for $500,000.

The bonds can be fully redeemed in 5–7 years and the money is returned to the investor.

Investor Married couple Family of 4 Family of 6
Bond purchase $250,000 $250,000 $250,000+ $280,000+
Administrative fee $30,000 $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Due Diligence $7,500 $12,500

$7,500 for investor

and $5,000 for each family member over 16 years old

$7,500 for investor

and $5,000 for each family member over 16 years old

Other fees and charges $3,050 $4,550 $6,550+ $8,550+
3 Option

Real estate purchase


Investment amount does not depend on the composition of the family. The investment can be recouped 5 years later by selling the property.

An additional non-refundable state fee of at least $30,000 is payable.

4 Option

Investment in business

$1 million

Investment in a government-approved business project. If the investor invests alone, the minimum investment is $3.5 million.

Group investments of at least $6 million are also possible. In this case, the minimum share of each participant is $1 million.

The administration fee is $50,000, with a supplementary payment of $25,000 for each family member.

Cost of citizenship for a family of 4

Investor, spouse and children 7 and 19 years old
Contribution to the state fund Purchase of bonds
Investment $150,000 $250,000
Government fee $30,000
Due Diligence $17,500 $17,500
Other fees and duties $7,050 $7,050
Total $174,550 $304,550

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Immigrant Invest -
licensed agent

Why do applicants for citizenship by investment need to contact a licensed agent?

By law the investor cannot submit their citizenship by investment application themselves. The application must be submitted on their behalf by a licensed agent — a law firm that assists applicants at every stage of the citizenship process.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Saint Lucia passport

1 working day Preliminary check

Preliminary check

1 working day

When an investor contacts Immigrant Invest, we carry out a preliminary check for information held on the investor in international databases. This helps us identify the risk of the application for Saint Lucia citizenship by investment being rejected and if necessary take measures to reduce or eliminate the risk: for example, prepare an affidavit or choose another program.

Pre-screening at Immigrant Invest is carried out by a certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer. Our verification procedure reduces the risk of an application for citizenship by investment being rejected to 1%.

2 to 4 weeks Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents

2 to 4 weeks

Immigrant Invest’s lawyers compile a list of the documents required. The investor provides passports, certificates, statements and other personal and financial papers. Our lawyers make certified copies, translate documents, fill out all forms, and prepare affidavits and other documents to apply for participation in the program.

3 months Due Diligence check

Due Diligence check

3 months

When the package of documents is ready, Immigrant Invest’s lawyers send it to the government department dealing with citizenship by investment in St. Lucia. The Due Diligence check takes place with the government officers checking the reputation and finances of the applicants.

The investor and all family members over 16 years of age included in the application must pass the Due Diligence check.

Up to 90 days Approval of application and fulfillment of the investment condition

Approval of application and fulfillment of the investment condition

Up to 90 days

Once the government’s approval of the application is received by Immigrant Invest, the applicant must fulfill the investment condition within 90 days: transfer the required amount to the selected fund, buy real estate or bonds, or invest in a business.

Up to 6 weeks Obtaining a passport

Obtaining a passport

Up to 6 weeks

Immigrant Investa’s lawyers and the investor need to send the final documents to St Lucia: an oath of allegiance and birth certificates. Within 4 weeks, a passport and a certificate of naturalization are produced. They are sent to the investor by courier at the specified address.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why contact a licensed agent?

The Citizenship by Investment Act allows applications for the citizenship by investment program to be submitted exclusively through a licensed agent. The applicant cannot submit the application themselves.

The agent’s lawyers answer investors’ questions about the program, prepare documents, help the applicant select the right investment option and submit the application on the investor’s behalf.

Immigrant Invest is the only licensed agent for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program in Russia which preliminarily screens investors. This helps them prepare for the Due Diligence undertaken by the government.

Is it possible to recover the initial investment?

The options for participation in the citizenship program by purchasing real estate or bonds allow the initial investment to be returned to the investor. In the case of real estate, the investor must own the property for at least 5 years. The repayment period for bond options depends on the amount of the investment and the composition of the family participating in the program.

For example, if a single investor buys bonds for $250,000, they can be redeemed in 5 years, whereas if a married couple invests the same amount, it can be refunded in 6 years at the earliest. If a family of 4 buys bonds for $250,000, the investment can be recovered in 7 years; however, an investment of $300,000 by a family of 4 can be recouped in 5 years.

Applicants must observe the established minimum ownership periods. Selling the real estate or bonds earlier than the stipulated minimum period leads to the citizenship by investment being revoked.

Do I need to visit Saint Lucia to get a passport?

The procedure for obtaining a passport can be completed remotely: applicants do not need to visit the country at any stage of the application. The same rules apply in most of the Caribbean states that offer citizenship by investment.

Is there a fee for the Due Diligence check?

Yes. The investor and each family member over 16 years of age included in the application must pass the Due Diligence check. The fee for the main applicant is $7,500 and $5,000 for each additional member. There is no fee for children under 16: they do not go through the Due Diligence process.

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